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Equatorial Guinea in Figures 2023

Date: 29/12/2023

The seventh edition of the document "Equatorial Guinea in Figures 2023", a statistical product that collects and describes a variety of information from different sectors of the country, was published this Friday. The event took place at the premises of the National Institute of Statistics of Equatorial Guinea.

  1. Territory, climate and environment.
  2. Demographic data.
  3. Social Sector.
  4. Real Sector of the Economy.
  5. Public Finances.
  6. Foreign and Monetary Sector.

"Equatorial Guinea in Figures", unlike Statistical Yearbooks, contains analytical aspects and aims to offer a quantitative, descriptive and comparative reflection of the socio-economic and environmental reality of the country. It offers definitions and explanations of statistical variables and indicators and is useful for politicians, businessmen, students, researchers and any reader who needs information about the country. The data is cut off in the year 2022.

Source: INEGE

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