At Fomento, we are convinced that operating through our values and principles ensures our growth in a profitable and sustainable manner. Our business reputation is one of our company's most valuable assets and is a key component for the development of our activity. Therefore, impartiality, independence and integrity are the core values of our Compliance System..

FOMENTO's Compliance Policyensures that all employees and directors are familiar with the internal policies and procedures that comprise it, and that its requirements are effectively implemented. To this end, FOMENTO has a WHISTLEBLOWER CHANNEL. This Whistleblower Channel is a means available to the entire Fomento team, as well as to our clients, suppliers and business partners, so that they can ask us questions about the correct interpretation and application of the company's compliance policy. Likewise, through the Channel they can send us any indication or reasonable suspicion of non-compliance with the aforementioned policy.

All inquiries received will be treated with the greatest possible diligence. Upon receipt of the complaint, it will be registered, analyzed and it will be decided whether it is admitted for processing or filed for lack of reasonable indications, for not containing the minimum requirements or for having been, the same facts, reported to any judicial or administrative body. In the affirmative case, the pertinent investigations will begin.

The results of such investigations will be communicated to the affected persons, and resolution actions will be taken. Once the internal investigation has been completed, a written resolution shall be issued and the complainant and the accused shall be informed of the result of the investigation carried out, unless there are circumstances that make it advisable to maintain the confidentiality of the conclusions reached.

Whistleblower Channel

Identificaton Data

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  • Details of the facts and / or evidence and when you became aware of them.
  • Identification data of the person, group denounced (names and surnames). In the case of a Professional of Fomento, indicate the department to which he/she belongs and the position he/she holds, if known. Otherwise, indicate the company to which he/she belongs and the relationship he/she has with Fomento.
  • If known, how and where it took place.
  • Indicate whether you believe that there are other Fomento Professionals or third parties outside the Group that could be involved or have knowledge or could reasonably have knowledge of such non-compliance.

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